Notes to Absentee Bidders

Please read our Notes to Bidders before bidding.

We regret that for security reasons, all commission bids from absentee bidders must be written and signed.

Please send in your bids early. Between similar bids, the first received will get priority. Bids received less than 24 hours before the auction may not be entered.

Dealer/Bank references may be requested from bidders unknown to Mavin. These should be submitted in good time before the auction.

Please provide an email address so that we can email to you your bidder number which will enable you to check the status of your bids online.

Payment may be made by checks, bank drafts or money orders drawn on a Singapore or US bank, or by direct bank transfer. Personal checks drawn on a US bank may take up to 28 days to clear.

For a printable version of the Commission Bid Form, please click on the link below. Please mail or fax the completed Form to Mavin at least 24 hours before the auction begins.

Commission Bid Form