About Tay Tatt Cheng's Collection of
Straits Settlements, Malaya and Malaya & British Borneo Proofs

Tay Tatt Chengís collection of rare proofs of the Straits Settlements, Malaya and Malaya & British Borneo was painstakingly put together over a period of more than 20 years since the early 1980s. It includes a number of proof only issues, and many of the coins were formerly from the R.J. Ford Collection.

Having sold his high-grade collection of Singapore banknotes in our Auction 10, Mavin is privileged to sell this time his collection of proofs and other rare circulation coins. The collection is offered for sale in two parts. Part 1 in this auction consists of 44 coins. Most are proofs of Malaya and Malaya & British Borneo, with 22 coins of the Straits Settlements.

Part 2 will be offered in June in Mavinís Auction 12. It consists of the remaining 36 Straits Settlements and Malaya proofs and specimens, including many Victoria silver proofs up to the 50 Cents denomination as well as a proof 1926 Dollar.