About The Koh Lian What Collection of
Straits Settlements Coins

Koh Lian What is more affectionately known amongst collectors in Singapore and Malaysia as "Lindner Koh" because he is the sole agent there for the German range of Lindner numismatic and philatelic albums and accessories. He is a collector of many years' standing.

In his younger days, Koh was involved in mining, and used to travel up and down peninsular Malaysia. His interest in Straits Settlements coins was sparked in the early 1970s when he discovered some Queen Victoria and King Edward VII coins in his tin mine at Kemaman in the northern Malaysian state of Terengganu.

The coins in Koh's collection were mostly bought from dealers and in auctions in Malaysia, Singapore, the USA and Great Britain, with the majority of the high-grade and better coins coming from Format of Birmingham, England. They have been kept in a bank safe deposit box for a number of years and some have acquired attractive tones as a result.