The Eric Low Straits Settlements Collection

The first part of Eric’s collection, which consisted of a total of 246 coins, was sold by Mavin on 14 March 2009. Though not all the coins offered for sale were sold, what was sold eventually fetched over US$140,000.

The second part of Eric’s collection, which consists of a total of 177 coins, is now offered for sale in Mavin Auction 21.

In addition to the varieties included in the first part, there are some more varieties to be found in this the second and last part of Eric’s collection.

These varieties include the two different Victorian portraits of the 5 Cents 1879H and the 5 Cents 1884; the small ‘H’ and large ‘H’ varieties of the 10 Cents 1882H; and the very close, close, wide and very wide dates of the $1 1904B which Eric has found.

A fascinating piece in this part of the collection is the very rare middle head portrait variety of the 5 Cents 1883 which is not widely known even amongst many serious Straits collectors. This portrait has only been found in the 5 Cents of 1883, which also features the much more common young head portrait, and that of 1887 which also features another, but different, middle head. Surprisingly, the 5 Cents of 1884, which we referred to above, feature both the young head portrait and yet another, but different, middle head portrait

Also included in the second part of the collection are Proofs and Specimens such as the very rare ¼ Cent 1872 and ¼ Cent 1891 proof only dates; ½ Cent 1891 proof only date; the very rare 1 Cent 1872 proof only date; and Heaton Mint Specimens of the ½ Cent 1872H and 1 Cent 1872H, 5 Cents 1890H, 10 Cents 1890H and 20 Cents 1890H.

But the star attraction of this part of the collection must surely be the 1 Cent 1878 graded MS 61 BN by NGC which in our view is the best of this very difficult date that has ever been seen in any auction anywhere!

Accompanying this great rarity are superlative gems like the 5 Cents 1871 graded MS 67 by NGC, 20 Cents 1872H graded MS 66, 20 Cents 1874H graded MS 67 and 50 Cents 1886 graded MS 64.

Except for four coins, all the rest are graded and encapsulated either by NGC or NCS in their new Edgeview® holders, or by PCGS.

We hope Straits collectors will enjoy bidding for the coins they wish to add to their collections. Best of luck!