Victoria, 5 Cents, (KM.10), 1879H Mauritius Mule, NGC MS64. Although not identified as such on the NGC label, this coin has a mysterious Victoria effigy that differs from those usually found on early Straits 5 cents, as well as the modified portrait on later 5 cents. It has bemused Straits Settlements specialists ever since its discovery. The obverse die is actually from the Mauritius 1877H 10 cents which were also struck at the Heaton Mint. We sold the Eric Low example which was XF Details for US$600 in 2009. This near gem is far superior.
SG$1,800 Up
Realised: SG$2,600

Victoria, 5 Cents, (KM.10), 1890H, specimen, NGC SP65. Lustrous, lightly toned, beautifully struck and in mint state despite light die polish lines, rare. Eric Low Collection.
SG$5,000 Up
Realised: SG$7,200

Victoria, 10 Cents, (KM.11), 1890H, specimen, NGC SP65. Lustrous, light golden toning, mint state despite light die polish lines, rare. Eric Low Collection.
SG$5,000 UP
Realised: SG$6,400

Victoria, 10 Cents, (KM.11), 1893, proof, NGC PF63. Lustrous, reflective mirror fields and an unusual frosty effigy. An extremely rare proof coin as accordingly to our records, it is the only example to have ever surfaced. Provenance: Singapore Coin Auction 1993, lot 1231. Eric Low Collection. This lot has an undisclosed reserve.
SG$10,000 Up
Realised: -

Victoria, 20 Cents, (KM.12), 1890H, specimen, NGC SP66. A beautiful and lustrous proof coin with a lovely light blue and rainbow colour toning on the obverse, certainly the best piece we have seen of this issue, very rare. Eric Low Collection.
SG$7,000 Up
Realised: SG$12,500

Victoria, 50 Cents, (KM.13), 1895, NGC AU Details - surface hairlines. From the Sinnathuray Family Collection.
SG$900 Up
Realised: SG$940

Victoria, 50 Cents, (KM.13), 1897H, NGC AU55. Some bagmarks, though a little rubbed on its highest points, it is still a lovely coin with lots of glossy original lustre especially in the area behind the Queen's neck with the ribbon. Probably an early strike. In our view, the grading service could have been a bit more generous with the grade, very scarce in this condition and easily one of the best pieces of this date that we have seen so far. Eric Low Collection.
SG$3,600 Up
Realised: SG$8,200

Victoria, 50 Cents, (KM.13), 1899, NGC AU58. From the Sinnathuray Family Collection.
SG$2,200 Up
Realised: SG$2,000

Victoria, 50 Cents, (KM.13), 1900H, NGC AU Details - excessive surface hairlines. Some bagmarks, but still showing plenty of lustre, particularly on the reverse, a scarce date. Eric Low Collection.
SG$2,500 Up
Realised: SG$3,400

Victoria, 50 Cents, (KM.13), 1901, NGC XF40.
SG$750 Up
Realised: -

Edward VII, Quarter Cent, (KM.18), 1908, NGC MS64RB, scarce in this grade.
SG$500 Up
Realised: -

Edward VII, Cent, (KM.19), 1904, NGC MS64RB.
SG$450 Up
Realised: SG$480

Edward VII, Cent, (KM.19), 1904, NGC MS66RD.
SG$2,200 Up
Realised: SG$2,000

Edward VII, Cent, (KM.19), 1906, NGC UNC Details - altered color. Nevertheless, an attractive uncirculated example of this rare date with swirling lustre. This lot has an undisclosed reserve.
SG$2,000 Up
Realised: SG$6,200

Edward VII, Dollar, (KM.25), 1904B, NGC MS62.
SG$450 Up
Realised: SG$480

Edward VII, 10 Cents, (KM.21a), 1909B, NGC MS62.
SG$500 Up
Realised: SG$880

Edward VII, Dollar, (KM.25), 1903B raised B, proof, NGC PF63. Blue-gray and deep golden tones adorn this reflective proof. Very rare. This lot has an undisclosed reserve.
SG$15,000 Up
Realised: SG$46,000

Edward VII, Dollar, (KM.25), 1904B, proof, NGC PF63. Deep olive-gray toning with tints of pink and blue on the reverse. Extremely rare. This lot has an undisclosed reserve.
SG$10,000 Up
Realised: -

George V, Cent, (KM.32), 1926/0, overdate, NGC MS65RD. An attractive full red gem of this popular overdate.
SG$1,300 Up
Realised: -

George V, 5 Cents, (KM.31), 1920, silver, NGC MS64. A die crack is visible near the cross below the portrait with another at the top of the crown. Very rare. This lot has an undisclosed reserve.
SG$13,000 Up
Realised: SG$18,000

George V, 10 Cents, (KM.29), 1916, NGC MS63.
SG$900 Up
Realised: SG$1,050

George V, 50 Cents, (KM.35.2), 1920 dot, NGC XF Details - polished. A notoriously difficult variety that is seldom encountered above VF.
SG$1,500 Up
Realised: SG$1,750


1000 Lira, (KM.922), 1978, gold proof, F.A.O., Anatolic Bride's Head, NGC PF64.
SG$1,700 Up
Realised: SG$1,600


25 Cents (Barber Quarter), (KM.114), 1905, NGC Proof - improperly cleaned. Only 550 proof 1905 Barber Quarters were struck.
SG$600 Up
Realised: -

$10, (KM.102), 1880S, Coronet Head, gold, NGC XF45.
SG$900 Up
Realised: SG$1,050

50 Cents, (KM.181) 1936, Gettysburg commemorative, NGC MS64. Vibrant gold-auburn toning adorn this near gem.
SG$550 Up
Realised: -

50 Cents, (KM.146), 1920, Maine Centennial Commemorative, NGC MS64; 50 Cents, (KM.167), 1934, commemorative, Texas Centennial, NGC MS62. (2)
SG$400 Up
Realised: SG$360

50 Cents, (KM.160), 1926, U.S. Sesquicentennial commemorative, NGC MS64. Just one point higher and this coin will cost over US$1,000.
SG$400 Up
Realised: SG$360