The Eric Huang Collection of Singapore Fancy Number Banknotes

Mr. Eric Huang (“Eric”) started collecting Singapore banknotes with fancy numbers in the 1990s. His focus, passion and dedication in his collecting is such that almost all serious collectors of Singapore fancy number banknotes would have known, or at least heard of him. More recent collectors will probably know him as the person bidding against them in the auction room for the best pieces! Mavin is therefore very pleased to be given the opportunity to auction the Singapore fancy number banknotes from his collection. The first part of his collection is offered here. Collectors will immediately be able to see that it is full of notable examples covering almost the entire spectrum of Singapore fancy number banknotes. There is a range of fancy number Orchid series banknotes. There are high denominations, including a $500 Bird A/4 888888, a $1000 Ship A/5 888888 and even a $1000 Ship A/6 1000000. There are numerous solid numbers. There are super solids, such as a literally one of a kind $5 Orchid A/5 555555. There are even super-super solids such as the $1 Bird D/44 444444, $10 Ship E/55 555555 and $50 Ship G/77 777777. There are fancy number replacement notes, not the least of which is a spectacular run of replacement $2 Ship Orange ZZ 000001 to ZZ 000010. The range and depth of Eric’s collection of Singapore fancy number banknotes is simply breathtaking. Many of the notes are one of a kind, and this sale may represent the only opportunity to acquire them for a very long time.