Straits Settlements Queen Victoria 50 Cents. For those who have not seen one before, this is what an uncirculated Victoria 50 Cents should look like.


Straits Settlements King George V 1 Dollar dated 1925. Extremely rare business strike. Most George V Dollars are dated 1919 or 1920. Watch out for re-strikes!

Singapore 150 Dollars Gold Proof dated 1969. Key rarity of the modern Singapore series.

Malaya 10 Cents dated 1945 with mintmark "I". Not to be confused with the common coins without the mintmark.


Singapore Pattern 1/3 Cent dated 1824. The first official coinage produced for Singapore. The issue was shot down for political reasons.

Singapore Pattern 1/3 Cent dated 1824. Reverse.

Iran Gold Ashrafi AH1108 (1696).


China Yuan Shih Kai "Flying Dragon" Dollar. His dragon quickly flew away when he declared himself Emperor of China.
Rhodesia Cent dated 1977. Only 10 coins known.

Oriental Bank Corporation $5 Singapore (c1850s). The earliest surviving Singapore banknote known that circulated. Only one known in private hands. Condition isn't everything!


Straits Settlements $1 dated 1906. This is the first $1 note issued by the Government of the Straits Settlements.
Malaya $1 1940. The shipment was sunk by the Germans in the 2nd World War. Extremely rare. Most notes are blue and dated 1941.