Currency News

January 2006 - New Singapore $2 Polymer Banknote Issue

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued a new series of $2 polymer banknotes. The design is generally similar to the current portrait series in paper. The new notes bear the signature of Mr Goh Chok Tong, ex Prime Minister and current Senior Minister and Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Prefixes start with 2AA - a continuation from the 2 earlier series that started with 0AA and 1AA.

March 2005 - MAS Releases New Statistics of Notes Printed

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has released new statistics for the number of banknotes printed as at 31 December 2004. Comparison of these with the old figures as at 31 March 2003 reveals interesting numbers about the print sizes of the new MAS Lee Hsien Loong signature combinations of the $2, $5, $10 and $50 President Yusof Ishak Portrait Series currency notes. We have updated our tables accordingly. The statistics for Orchid, Bird and Ship notes remain the same. The old statistics are no longer on the MAS website.

August 2004 - MAS Announces new Banknote Issues

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has announced new banknote issues bearing the name of MAS. They will carry the signature of Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Chairman MAS. The new $50 and $5 will be released first, followed by the $2 and $10 in January 2005. With this announcement, it must mean that the $50 notes with Mr Lee's signature as Chairman, BCCS will indeed be a very small issue. In fact, hardly any has been spotted in circulation. With these new issues, 2004 is turning out to be a very interesting year for Singapore banknote collectors.

May 2004 - MAS Issues New $10 Polymer Banknotes

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has announced the issue of a new $10 polymer banknote. It is understood that this is a trial issue of about 10m notes. There will also be 10,000 commemorative notes issued to remember this occasion by. The issue price for the commemorative notes is S$35. Circulation notes can be obtained from selected automated teller machines. It appears from the notes available that the serial number prefixes start from 0AA, followed by 1AA, 2AA and so on, then repeats 0AB, 1AB and apparently ends with 2AB. But this means a print run of 13m. Mavin understands that this is because there will not be replacement notes for defective prints, which will simply be removed. Guess that explains the gaps in serial numbers even when the new notes are obtained from the bank. Another interesting development is that there will not be a serial no. 1000000. The last number of each prefix series is 999999.

January 2004 - Replacement Notes?

Some Singapore banknote collectors will by now have come across $50 President series notes signed by Dr Hu Tsu Tau but with serial numbers beginning with 1JJ. The problem is that notes with the new Mr Lee Hsien Loong signatures start with prefixes 1HL. So the question most have been asking is are the 1JJ notes replacement notes, much like the famous "Z" series? The answer in short is: "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Are there other replacement notes out there? Of course there are because notes will continue to be spoilt during printing, but they are not saying which prefixes they are. Time to go through your new banknote bundles to find out?