About Us
Mavin International Pte Ltd is a Singapore-incorporated company, born out of a passion for the hobby of collectibles and a desire to take it to a higher level of sophistication. Our aim is to provide professional and expert value-added services to both Singaporean and international collectors. We are the brainchild of five collectors, each with distinct areas of interest, and together, our experience totals more than 100 years.

What does 'Mavin' mean?
'Mavin' or 'maven,' as defined in the dictionary, means an expert or connoisseur. Thus, we aim to provide expert services to collectors who appreciate and enjoy the value of such objects.

What makes us different?
At Mavin, we take consignments of coins, banknotes, postcards and other collectibles and offer them to collectors worldwide.
Unlike most dealers, we do not buy to maintain stock. This means that we have no inventory costs, and therefore, do not need to charge high markups. More importantly, since collecting is a lifelong passion, we're interested in building long-term relationships, and not just making short-term sales.

So, if you are in Singapore, do feel free to drop by for a visit, even if only for a yarn amongst collectors.