How To Consign

Consignment Deadlines

Mavin holds approximately 4 auctions a year. Consignments are accepted year round. Because consignments have to be catalogued and auction catalogs have to be sent to our bidders with time for them to study the lots, consignment deadlines are usually three and a half months before the auction.

How To Consign

Consigning is easy. Just bring or send the items to us with a list of the items you are consigning. We will check the items and take care of the rest. Do remember to state any reserve you have in mind. If we think the reserve is too high, we will contact you with our suggested reserves. If you are sending the items by post or courier, please let us know in advance before sending the items so that we can advise you whether they are auctionable before you spend any money posting them to us.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our standard seller's commission starts at 10% of the hammer price and is on a sliding scale. Please email us for inquiries.

Do I Have To Pay If The Item Does Not Sell?

We do not charge anything if your item does not sell. There is no hidden charge like insurance, cataloguing, photography charges etc. The exception is if we feel that the reserve you set is speculative. In such a case, we will expressly tell you this in writing before the auction and we will charge you 5% of the reserve if your item does not sell.

When Can I Expect Payment?

Mavin's payment terms can be found in the standard Consignment Terms. Generally, this is within 1 month from when we receive payment from the successful bidder. It is not our policy to delay payment to consignors because we do not keep stock, so we do not require the money for financing. We are reputed to be one of the fastest paying auctioneers around. If your lot is paid for on the day of the auction, you can get your money as early as the very next day! You will probably be asking "If I have sold 5 items and payment have been received for 3 items, can I ask you to pay me for the 3 items first?" The short answer is yes, you may. However, if payment has to be posted or sent to you, we ask that you be a little patient and give us some time to collect a reasonable sum for you first between payments.

What Currency Will I be Paid In?

Our auctions are held in Singapore dollars. Payment will be made in Singapore dollars unless you request otherwise.

What If You Sell Below My Reserve?

If for any reason your lot was sold below your reserve, we will make up the difference and pay you as though your lot was sold at the reserve.

Our standard consignment terms can be found in the Consignment Terms section of the Catalog.

E-mail us to request a copy of the Catalogue.